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Pink Leaf Tea Strainer

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This cute little leaf tea infuser was inspired by the tea leaf itself!

This heat resistant infuser comes with a lifetime guarantee, we have so much faith in this little guy that you can can use it forever!!... That means more tea for you, and less waste for out planet!

Simply pop open the silicone leaf and spoon your favourite herbs into the stainless steel cup, secure, and you are ready to brew!

Easy to use, easy to clean AND super dooper dooper cute!!

It's also the perfect size to pop in your handbag, take travelling or bring to work!

Fits one teaspoon of herbs, which is the perfect amount for 1 cup of Cysterhood and Mamahood teas. You can also reuse the herbs easily on you second cup if you wish!

Made from stainless steel and 100% food grade silicone.

Comes with a cute base plate, no more mess, and your infuser stands up!

If you are new to loose leaf tea and herbs, or just want to add a bit of cuteness to your day, this is the strainer for you!


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