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by Brigitte Warne March 04, 2020 2 min read

Which one are you???

(Is your sleep spirit animal is calling you?)

I recently did an instagram post all about ways to ‘honour your hormones’, and in it I briefly mentioned about ‘understanding your sleep chronotype’.

I had sooooooo many questions what a sleep chronotype was I thought I would do a seperate post on it!

Understanding my sleep chronotype is something that has helped me ALOT and enabled me to take advantage of the different times during the day to maximise my productivity and schedule things effectively.

So what on earth are are sleep chronotypes I hear you asking?

Sleep researcher Dr. Michael Breus popularized the theory of four chronotypes. Basically he theorised that their are 4 different chronotypes which are based on our individual circadian typologies

Some of the amazing benefits of understanding your sleep chronotype might include:

- Maximise your productivity and know when to plan when you work, exercise, eat, socialise etc. - Help you get a better night sleep! Being able to identify and understand how your chronotype affects your sleep and wake time can help you maximise productivity, gain insight into your health, and learn new ways to increase the quality of your sleep.

- Helps you track eating habits and optimise meal times.Knowing your chronotype may also help you track eating habits and plan your meals better around your sleep/ awake times, rather than just eating at the same time as everyone else.

- Helps you understand the connection between sleep-wake time and mental health. Some reviews have found connection between a number of adverse mental health outcomes, such as depression, (particularly for people who have an evening chronotype, compared to those who identify with a morning chronotype).

Ideal bed times based on each chronotypes ‘Bio-Time’ (accordining to Michael J. Breus, Ph.D., is a board-certified sleep specialist)

Lions: up at 6:00am sleep 10:10 pm

Bears: up at 7:00am sleep11:10 pm

Wolves: up at 7:00am sleep 12:00 am

Dolphins: up at 6:30am sleep 11:50 pm

I am bear, but when my PCOS symptoms were really bad I was more of dolphin… its amazing how our much our hormones are linked to everything else we do!!

I would love to hear what sleep chronotype you think you are?

xx Brigitte

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